Wim Sliepenbeek
Sales and Marketing Director




Antwerpsesteenweg 130
B-2390 Malle, Belgium

Tel.: +32-3-3100211

Fax: +32-3-3116142



Short Profile of the Person:

Wim Sliepenbeek, Marketing and Sales Director ETAP NV
Wim Sliepenbeek is working in the Lighting Industry since 1990. He has worked on many international cutting edge energy saving lighting projects. He has led ETAP to become the first main GreenLight endorser in Europe (an initiative of the European commission). Today he is following up the startup of ETAP Dubai as he believes that on many new projects more than 50% of energy for Lighting can be saved with a better lighting comfort.

Short Profile of the Company:

ETAP, Excellent Lighting, saving energy ETAP develops lighting solutions from start to finish: we create lighting concepts and designs, industrialise and produce luminaires, carry out illumination studies and give advice, deliver the luminaires exactly on time, and provide follow-up services. By controlling the entire process we are able to guarantee the highest quality in every phase. Through continuous innovation, we have a leading position in the European lighting market. Annually, we invest approximately 6 to 7% of our turnover in Research and Development. In all our solutions sustainability is the leading principle.